Essentials of Murder


Recovering from a scandal that chased her from San Francisco, Carissa Carmichael struggles to find acceptance
in her small Southern California hometown as she opens her aromatherapy and reflexology shop.

When she finds a man murdered in her distilling room, Carissa becomes the main suspect,
especially when her fingerprints are found on the murder weapon. Despite her father’s position as Oak Creek Valley’s chief of police,
most townspeople assume she’s guilty—including the new leading detective.

Refusing to run again, Carissa knows she must prove her innocence to save her shop and her family’s reputation.
With suspects acting as slippery as the essential oils she distills, it’s up to Carissa to apply pressure and sniff out the truth before it’s too late.


"I really enjoy the way Ms. Davis tells a story. This mystery was filled with twists and turns.... The dialogues between the cast are both dynamic and true to life. But it is her delightful descriptive writing style that really makes her story so enjoyable. She can set a scene that paints a vivid picture in your mind while never being overly wordy. She seems to weigh each word and phrase carefully to really make them count. Readers can tell she did her research and knows her theme." ~ Lori Caswell, Escape with Dollycas Into a Good Book

"Author Kim Davis creates a riveting and daunting crime scene investigation that kept me guessing as to whodunnit the entire story!" ~ Linda Langford, Chatting About Cozies

"Davis's writing style is a favorite with vivid descriptions, engaging banter, informative details on aromatherapy and reflexology...and a clever mystery that ends in some personal peril. This is a well-written, don't-miss cozy! ~ Kathleen Costa, Kings River Life Magazine

"Davis proves once again that she knows how to write cozy mysteries." ~ Kim Heniadis, Certified Aromatherapist

"Essentials of Murder is a fun debut. I already can't wait to go back and visit my new friends again. Don't miss it!" ~ Mark Baker, Carstairs Considers

"I found myself easily immersed in the writing and author's style of narration and dialog. She creates great scenes and leaves just enough to the imagination." ~ James J. Cudney, This is My Truth Now

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