Plunged into Sweet Treats Kingdom with her sister, Amber must discover the importance of family to find their way home.

Amber Addison is fed up with her kindergartener sister. It’s Ava’s fault she’s missing her best friend’s birthday party, the most anticipated event in their sixth-grade class. To make matters worse, Ava has coerced her into playing Sweet Treats board game and she keeps losing to a five-year-old. When Amber’s irritation gets the best of her, she throws the game, destroying it.

As the board disintegrates, the two girls are swept into a swirling vortex and they find themselves in the middle of Sweet Treats kingdom. Ava is kidnapped by an evil queen, and Amber finds herself relying on a mint-green rabbit to help her find her way to Bonbon Castle with the hope of finding her sister. Along the way, she encounters more sweets than she could ever eat along with fantastical beings. Some will become her friend and others create danger that she must survive in order to save her sister and find their way home.

Book includes a fun recipe for kids!


Praise for The Secret of Sweet Treats Kingdom

5 stars from Readers’ Favorite!

"The Secret of the Sweet Treats Kingdom is an amazing 'treat.' I picked up the book, lured by the fascinating title and synopsis, and I was not disappointed at all. Young readers are bound to be delighted by the kingdom of sweets."~ Afifa Raisa for Readers' Favorite

"I know this book is written as a middle school fantasy adventure book, but I loved it and couldn't put it down! The story is very well written and really draws the reader into it. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and hmm... hoping for a yummy sequel!" ~ Jill, Goodreads Reviewer

“Fun! Just plain ol' fun. It's a quick, easy read and I'm not sure I stopped grinning more than a time or two all the way through.  I honestly didn't intend to read it all in basically one setting but, well, once I started reading, I fell under the book's spell and next thing your know, "The End". “ ~ June, Goodreads Reviewer

“It's an interesting little story. It touches upon the nuances of a blended family, the bond between (step)siblings, and based on a LOT of sweets, giving it a bit of a Willy Wonka-esque vibe in the beginning.  The writing is clever and breezy, and does a wonderful job of painting vivid mental images of a magical, sugary world. Overall, it's a beautiful story.” ~ Varsh, Goodreads Reviewer

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